A Battle for The Fate of the World

In a kingdom ruled by a tyrant king, the daughter of Nekroheroine I's previous heroine gathers power in the shadows. You are this powerful warrior woman. You begin your adventure wielding only your fallen mother's sword. You fight your way through numerous environments to meet new characters. You fight, kiss, and fall in love. Each lover gives you their power as you prepare yourself for the final confrontation. But when you enter the castle of the mad prince, are you ready to accept the final offering?

A text vignette written for the GMTK Game Jame 2019 with the theme: "Only One"


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I don't see how this fits the theme. Am I missing something?

Each item can be used once. Along with that, the theme comes up numerous more more times in the story, like how the character is (or is not? ) the only one who can accomplish her goal. That's what we were going for, at least. If it doesn't work for you, I understand. Thanks! ! 🖤